Director: Bree Orlock
Campaign Title: CTHULHU International
Campaign Setting Year: 2011/Present Era
System: Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles RPG
When: Every Friday evening, starting around 5-6 pm running til about 11 pm
Where: Bree Orlock's Home
City: Cincinnati, OH
Contact Information:
Campaign Notes: The PCs in the Campaign are part of a group known as the Obsidian GROUP, or at least associated with members of that organization. Players should expect a high degree of danger & intrigue. This is a very role-playing intensive campaign. This campaign uses both the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles Core Book and Pagan Publishing's Delta Green source book as sources for this campaign. For Mature Players Only.
Side Notes: Players planning on joining this gaming group should make an effort to subscribe themselves to the CTHULHU International email discussion group.