Fate Points
By Brian-Joseph Baker (NicodemisQuick@aol.com)
What are Fate Points and How do they work?
Fate Points are a creation I came up with using ideas from the old WEG Star Wars RPG, The Babylon Project and a RPG of my own creation. This option may not be applicable for every Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green gaming group. Its up to the Keeper whether of not they wish to use Fate Points in their CoC Campaigns. If you do decide to use them, award them sparingly, as they can be potentially heavily abused by Players if Keepers are giving them out in large quantities in their Scenerios/Campaigns on a regular basis.
My advice to Keepers is this, award them when the situation truly calls for it. If there is a situation where you are in debate with yourself over whether or not to award them, simply stay you hand because doubt in this case means the situation doesn't truly call of Fate Point awards. In the end, use your best judgement.
  • Fate Points in Call of Cthulhu allow Players to make re-rolls on Critically Failed rolls
  • Any other time, Fate Points can be used to add an additional 1D10 to their Skill Checks, effectively making them up to 10 percentiles higher than they currently are for a single roll.
  • At End of Session Roll-Ups: Fate Points can be spent to gain automatic successes on Roll-Ups on one(1) skill per Fate Point spent. The Player then rolls 1D6 and adds that many percentiles to their skill.
How are Fate Points supposed to be given out?
  • Fate Points can be awarded for particularly heroic actions that save one or more members of the Investigation team. Generally one (1) Fate Point per action of this nature, no more than three (3) Fate Points.
  • Fate Points can be awarded to Role-playing above and beyond the call of duty. In other words, if your as the Keeper feel that a player did a particularly good job RPing their character out for the evenings session, then award them a Fate Point (1).
  • Fate Points should be awarded when an Investigation team effectively finishes an investigation that they started, successfully getting to the bottom of the situation while tying up most loose ends by the end of the Scenerio.In this case, I suggest giving each Investigator 2 to 3 Fate Points for successful Scenerio completion, along with whatever SAN Awards/Penalties they will be recieving at the end of the Scenerio.