Setting Information for Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green

"The Man in Black" (
Date: Saturday, December 20th , 2003
Brigadier General Alexander S. Kane, United States Army National Security Advisor to the President for Psychological Warfare Operations.

Non-Player Character
Caucasian Male; DOB 07 AUG 1937; closely cropped gray hair, hazel eyes.
Wears thin metal rimmed glasses.
Alexander Kane was born to an Army family in Virginia, his father was a intelligence officer instrumental in the forming of the OSS and Delta Green. He grew up on the homefront of World War Two and soon became one of the world's most brilliant men. Possessed of an eidetic memory, he taught himself how to speak Korean in three weeks with his father's Korean English Dictionaries at the tender age of thirteen. He graduated high school a year later. By the time he got his bachelor's in psychology by the age of eighteen, Alexander spoke twelve languages with varying degrees of fluency, and had memorized entire libraries of complex scientific and technical information.
He was more than ready for West Point.
After becoming a commissioned officer in the United States Army, he went on to graduate medical school and acheived a doctorate in Psychology before the age of 30. Many of his early clinical trials evolved into MK ULTRA anti-brainwashing procedures.
During his MK ULTRA experimentation in the 1950's he encountered a test subject with extraordinary paranormal abilities and dangerous psychotic tendencies. The subsequent horrific events were dealt with by a Delta Green operation led by Reginald Fairfield. Thus it was that Captain Alex Kane's initiation into the world of supernatural horror began with the (officially) unsolved SOTHOTH murders.
In 1970, Major Kane was one of forty senior Delta Green officials who decided to illegally continue the work of Delta Green. He was involved in psychological warfare operations in Eastern Europe at the time, and was deeply concerned with soviet psychotronic and occult experimentation. On more than one occasion, he has served Delta Green as a "de-programmer" to counteract cult brainwashing, not always successfully. After the Delta Green reorganization, Colonel Kane was instrumental in shutting down the DIA's remote viewing Project STARGATE in 1995.
Today, General Kane works with the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Council commanding a clandestine group which conducts foreign and domestic operations against terrorists with occult leanings. Kane's long years fighting the mythos have forged him into a ruthless manipulator. Although his psychological skill enables him to appear as a reassuring, comforting and avuncular figure, he has no problem whatsoever sacrificing good men and women to achieve some minor victory against his horrific vision of Armageddon. He is a spook in every sense of the word, and his delicately planned operations are very much a spookshow.
It is suspected that General Kane may have obtained MAJIC Clearance at some point during the 1980's. His seemingly inevitable promotion to Major General may well involve overseeing the remnants of the OUTLOOK Group and Project RICOCHET after Dr. Yrjo's death or retirement. What impact this might have on Delta Green operations remains to be seen.