Product Review:

Keeper's Companion 2

From: Brian-Joseph Baker
Date: Tuesday 20th, May 2003

After reading through this book, I found a lot of good information for new and old Keepers alike. The detailed weapons section was nice, although not totally necessary as "cool guns" do not necessarily make a good CoC game. As most of the time simply shooting at a Mythos creature is more likely to enrage it and do nothing more than that.

The book was written for the BRP system that has made Chaosium a brand name in the RPG industry. So for thoseof you running a D20 Cthulhu game, this book gives no system conversions. Otherwise, its great for more information on the setting and any Keeper worth his salt will be able to make the conversions themselves.

The section detailing Prohibitionis a great resource for a Keeper running a 1920s Campaign or Scenerios. For those of you planning to run a 1920s Scenerio or Campaign, this section is what I believe as a necessary read. The other option is to search the net for information on the Era which could take a bit longer. This section compacts it nicely in an easily referenced section.

The Scenerio listing was a nice touch, especially for the Keeper that has most of the books. It gives us an easy way to reference the information that we might be looking for.

The Mythos Ex Machina devices section was a great addition that could make for some truly interesting CoC scenerios or campaigns even.

The Mythos collector section was a nice touch, giving a Keeper a few more Dire Tomes to throw at their Investigators. The spell addtions were nice.

The section in the back about the Frog Man and the Deep One genes was an interesting read.

In the opinion of this reviewer, this book had the potential to be a lot more. All in all, the book was good and is worth the cost that Chaosium is asking for it.

I rate this a 4 () out of 5. Definitely worth it.