King Kong, Monarch of Skull Island
Scenerio Seed for Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green

Morrigan (
Date: Tuesday, December 30th , 2003
Description: King Kong is a fifty foot tall, forty ton semi-humanoid creature covered with dark brown fur that resembles nothing so much as an upright gorilla. Kong is not a gorilla, for he walks on his feet, not on all fours. He has almost no snout, unlike a gorilla, and the ridge of bone over his eyes is less pronounced. Yet there is nothing he resembles as much as a colossal gorilla, so that is what he is called.
In 1936, documentary film-maker Carl Denhem traveled to an island in the Malaysian archipelago, near Sumatra, where, according to the log of a Norwegian whaling vessel, a tropical island could be found, ruled by a monstrous god called Kong. Denhem and his men explored the island, which seemed to be some sort of a time capsule, with various prehistoric life forms persisting, and succeeded in capturing Kong.
Dubbed "King Kong, the 8th Wonder of the World", Kong was unveiled at an exhibition at Madison Square Garden. Enraged by the flashbulbs of the newspaper photographers that Denhem had invited to the unveiling, Kong escaped his bonds and rampaged the length and breadth of Manhattan. His end came when Kong climbed to the top of the Empire State Building, and was knocked from it by machine gun fire from marauding biplanes. Kong fell to his death on the street below.
Or was believed to have fallen to his death.
In reality, Kong was only badly injured. Out of some perverse interest, perhaps to one day reintroduce Kong to the world once more, agents of the US government spirited away the gigantic ape to a succession of game preserves in the American west, where he was nursed back to health. By order of then-President Franklin Roosevelt himself, bribes and carefully doctored documents were used to convince the world at large that Carl Denhem had not brought a titan ape back to the United States from an unknown island in the southwest Pacific. Those who had actually experienced Kong's rampage in Manhattan either had their silence bought, or were blackmailed not to talk, or simply had a terminal option exercised against them People were instead convinced that it was all a movie, and King Kong passed into the popular mythology.
On September 17th, 1969, elements of a radical animal rights organization called Earth Screams, which had learned of Kong's survival from one of the game keepers who minded him for those thirty years, sought to discredit the government and bring attention to the abuses heaped on animals in the hands of the government by freeing King Kong from the game farm where he was being held in Florida, on land once owned by P.T.Barnum's traveling circus. The game keeper had spoken of other colossal nightmares in government custody, but Earth Screams was only interested in King Kong.
By some miracle of luck, Kong's subsequent rampage, which cost the lives of ninety people, including six of the eight Earth Screams subversives involved in Kong's release, was kept out of the papers, and passed off as a tornado to locals whose silence could not be bought. Every member of Earth Screams was either sent to federal prison under draconian gag orders or simply disappeared, keeping the story from getting out.
Kong led agents of the Fish and Wildlife Service on a merry chase, but, in 1977, he was captured near Pensacola, Florida, and secretly transported to an island under jurisdiction of the US Navy near the Guantanamo Bay naval facility off the Cuban coast, there to live out his days. Improbably, there have been sightings of King Kong on mainland America in the years since. Biotechnology tycoon Augustus Clarke and agents of his conglomerate, Clarke Biochem, are extremely interested in King Kong, and whispers along the fringe have it that they have studied Kong in his Carribean exile, and might have either brought Kong back to mainland America illegally or else made their own giant ape, in something called Project SIMIUS.
80 EDU N/A
DEX 19 POW 35
SIZ 90
Move: 16 (25 for 1d6 turns)/ 15 climbing
Damage Bonus: + 10d6
Armor: 12 armor points (26 armor points against kinetic energy attacks due to thick fur). Kong regenerates 1d6 Hit Points per game day. Kong has 15 armor points (30 versus kinetic energy attacks) when he goes berserk.
Skills: Spot Hidden 70%, Track (limited to blonde human females) 40%
  • Bite, 65%, 10d6 + 1d4 (can impale)
  • Blunt attack with paw or foot, 65%, 10d6
Berserk: If Kong takes 10 or more points of damage, after armor is factored in, from any single attack, he will become enraged ans lash out with his full strength, intent on absolutely destroying those who would harm him. His chance to hit drops by -10%, and the chances to hit Kong when he is so berserk, because he is not trying to escape, increase by +10%. Note: Because of his great size, Kong is hard to miss with gunfire. People trying to hit Kong in battle already have a + 10% chance to hit, which rises to +20% when Kong goes berserk.
Night Vision: Kong sees equally well in the day and at night.
Immortality: Kong ages one year, biologically, for every fifteen that pass.
Fear Aura: Those persons marauded by King Kong come under the influence of his fear aura, which causes them to make illogical actions that make them more vulnerable to Kong: they run upstairs instead of down, run away from help instead of towards it, discard potential weapons, that sort of thing. If the victim loses a POW vs. POW contest against Kong, so long as he is within 90 feet of the intended victim, or the victim can see him with their naked eye, that victim automatically fails all Luck, Idea, and Know rolls, experiences a -20% penalty to all skills, and cannot concentrate well enough to cast spells. They will make the aforementioned poor decisions: run upstairs instead of down, run away from help instead of towards it, discard potential weapons, etc.
Spells: King Kong is pre-sentient, and lacks the higher reasoning abilities that would enable him to use spells.
Sanity: 1/ 1d8 to see King Kong, 1/ 1d3 to hear Kong's cry