Monstrous Entity Sylvia Sternenkind, from GURPS Monsters Supplement

From: Jürgen Hubert (
Date: Wednesday November 26th , 2003
Sylvia Sternenkind, Unique Servitor
STR: 20
SAN: 0
DEX: 14
POW: 6
CON: 14
HP: 13
APP: 18
Move: 8
SIZ: 13
EDU: 12
INT: 12

Damage Bonus: +1D6
Weapons: Fist/punch 70%, damage 1d3+db, Kick 60%, damage 1d4+db, pistol 80%, Damage varies by type
Skills: Accounting 40%, Computer Use 40%, Disguise 60%, Dodge 60%, Fast Talk
65%, Hide 70%, Jump 60%, Listen 60%, Making Men Mad With Lust 90%, Martial
Arts 70%, Persuade 60%, Sneak 70%, Spot 60%, Throw 80%,
Languages: Czech 50%, English 60%, French 50%, German 60%
Armor: none

Spells: none
So much for game stats. But how to integrate her into Delta Green?
For anyone who doesn't own GURPS Monsters and Transhuman Space (and if you
don't, you should buy them - especially the latter, which has lots of excellent examples how disturbing humans can get _without_ any Mythos influence...), Sylvia Sternenkind is a NPC written for that setting - a pleasure bioroid (an artificial but humanoid biological life form created as a servant for a specific task - in this case, as a sex slave), to be exact.

She was captured during a UK police raid in the asteroid belt and removed to the European Union for proper socialization to make her a good EU citizen (the EU prohibits bioroid manufacture, and gives all bioroids asylum automatically who reach their borders). Unfortunately, she fell into the hands of the wrong people, who instead used brainwashing to turn her into a soulless killer machine - so that she could commit multiple grisly murders which would fan anti-bioroid sentiments in the EU once she was found out.
Most players in a Transhuman Space campaign will likely be sympathetic to the plight of bioroids - after all, we are taught that slavery is wrong, and bioroids are essentially enslaved sapient beings, even if they are conditioned to enjoy their slavery. The horror in this case comes from the fact that Sylvia Sternenkind is not a free, thinking individual, but little more than a machine programmed to go on murder sprees. When learning of her, PCs (and especially bioroid PCs) might think: "There, but for the grace of (fill in your dominant meme), go I." The sympathy for the plight of nonhumans is what makes this a tragedy - and thus, horrific.
Obviously, this doesn't work for Delta Green at all.
After all, DG agents, and Mythos investigators in general, are likely to mistrust anything inhuman - no matter how human it might _look_. And that's only sensible.
So let's try this in a different way. Let's say that a Majestic lab manages a breakthrough - it creates an entirely artificial humanoid being. Since Majestic is full of military and espionage guys, they promptly figure that such a being might be great for infiltration and assassination purposes. So they create a prototpye - in other words, Silvia Sternenkind - who will obey any orders programmed into her. She can also use one of several "cover personalities" to help her infiltrate normal human societies. But then, during some test run, things go awry - she gets seperated from her handlers thanks to some accident, looses all memories, reverts to one personality, and wanders off into the night on her own.
Then DG agents who are nearby (possibly because of the Majestic op) stumble across her, and suspect something odd - apart from the fact that they found some very beautiful woman lying in a ditch in skimpy clothing. She claims to have no memory of who she is or where she got there, and makes a very good impression of being very, very afraid.
It helps if a male PC gets a crush on her at this point - which is likely, since she continuously pumps out a tremendous amount of sex hormones... She should stay with the PCs (or at least one of them) for a while, and they should come to like her as a human being. However, after a while some oddities come to light - like her extreme strength and reflexes, and possibly combat skills. And if they do a really intensive medical examination on her (like blood tests, or MR scans), they will have to come
to the conclusion that she was either heavily modified (by Greys, perhaps?) - or never human in the first place. If they tell Sylvia, she will not take this well. Nightmares might set in at this point.
At some point, the Majestic goons will find her again, and utter some trigger phrase - at which point she will revert to being a soulless killer machine. Even if the PCs somehow capture her again, she will no longer have any shred of human personality and won't even speak to them - her human personality is gone and beyond the power of the PCs (or indeed anyone) to restore.
For maximum SAN loss, she will be captured by the Greys and dissected before the very eyes of the PCs - the Mi-Go want to know what made her tick, again not understanding that the sum was greater than their parts... (And yes, I realize that this idea has been done to death in anime - but so what? It's fun!)